The Boistö pilot island offers high-quality facilities and an inspiring setting for an efficient meeting on challenging matters. We serve only one group of customers at a time on the island and tailor the package according to the customer’s individual wishes. In the unique sea environment, ideas take flight easily, and the group stays together.

For instance, you can have breaks on the rocks by the sea and then return to work newly refreshed. At the end of an efficient day, you can enjoy the sauna, relax in the hot tub and enjoy local delicacies and good company. Arriving on the island is an experience in itself. You have the use of the island’s own boats: the Boistön Kulkuri in the summer, and in the winter the genuine pilot boat Boistön Kutteri. By request, we can also arrange transportation by speedboat or helicopter. The recommended size of a group is 5-15 persons. For groups larger than 15 people, accommodation is in shared double rooms.

“I held a meeting for my management group in Boistö. A gorgeous place, excellent service and the best sauna in Finland! I feel that Boistö is one of the best surroundings for a meeting that we had ever been in.”

Mikael Silvennoinen, Pohjola Yhtiöt


Teamwork requires peace and quiet and good team spirit. An excellent way to do teamwork more efficient is to take the team out of the office. The unique sea environment of the Boistö pilot island, the high-quality facilities and the friendly service will re-energise your team. From the moment you arrive on the island, you will leave your worries behind, your group will commit to its shared goals. On the island, the team stays together and its spirit stays high. At the end of the day, you can relax in a genuine seaside sauna or hot tub, grill food on the beach at sunset and/or enjoy local delicacies in the unique atmosphere of the Pilot House. The recommended size for a group is 5–30 persons.

“Two days of hard work with the team felt as light as a feather in this majestic and historic environment. The wintery snowstorm inspired our thinking to take flight and helped us to finish the project!”



Are you looking for unique and unforgettable surroundings for a customer event or product launch? The nature of the archipelago, the high-quality setting, the gourmet food and friendly service will help you succeed. The relaxed atmosphere of the sea creates perfect preconditions for a memorable experience. The entire island is at your private use throughout your event. The service is provided under the turnkey principle. Our skillful staff will organise the event according to your wishes. You only need to provide the content. The recommended size of the group is 5–30 persons.

“In the magnificent setting and the extreme conditions, frost and snow outdoors, a happy and relaxed atmosphere inside. We got deep into the culture of the sea! The wonderful people and the beautiful milieu took us concretely into the marine world! It was beautiful.”



Many have already seen the historical sights in Helsinki, taken a trip on a wooden ship and sung karaoke. But very few have spent a day and a night on a genuine pilot island. Arriving on the island on Boistö’s own boat – the Boistön Kulkuri in the summer, the pilot boat Boistön Kutter in the winter – is an experience in itself!

The relaxing begins already on the way to the island. A welcome drink is served on the pier, and the host of the island will welcome the group. The event organiser will now have a word, and the programme of the recreation can begin. This may include a treasure hunt, a fishing contest, a visit to a fisherman or even the island’s own Olympics! The wood-heated saunas, the hot tub and the atmospheric seaside grill are also available for you. The recommended size of a group is 5–30 persons.

“Hi!  Thanks a lot for everything! Our recreation day was one of the best, and the participants had a lot of praise for the views, facilities and services. Everything worked excellently, and the weather also favoured us. We just looked at the pictures we took there :-). We are thinking about coming again another year.”

Sari Tossavainen, Alexander group


Are you working in a business that offers training for the staff, teams or management groups? You need a reliable partner for arranging your training events. The Boistö pilot island offers a reliable and flexible solution for your event. We reserve the entire island for your use for a day, a week or a longer period. Through our partners, you can arrange many kinds of activities: fishing, rides in a RIB boat, atmospheric sailing in a wooden boat, seaside golf nearby. Or you can enjoy the island’s own unique atmosphere, the seaside sauna, the hot tub and local delicacies.

  • We tailor the transportation, meals and use of the training facilities according to your needs
  • We reserve first-class rooms and working facilities for the trainers
  • The WLAN connections, audio-visual equipment and all the basic requirements for training are already taken care of.
  • Size of group: 5–30 persons


We had a meeting on Boistö on a Thursday and Friday in August. Feedback on the activity: I used to be a consultant for many years and arranged what must be hundreds of training days at different meeting places around Finland. In the job I have now, I have been to different meeting places and manors around Finland four times a year with my own staff. So I have experience.  A good friend of mine recommended Boistö, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

The friendliness of the people was genuine and humble. To all our requests, the reply was always: “That can be arranged”, or “Yes.” An incredibly fine attitude. The food was really excellent, and the mood at our meeting too. The matters we handled went well. We had to change the timetable without warning, and everything worked flexibly. 

It’s rare to meet such friendly and customer-oriented staff. An excellent performance. I will be sure to recommend the island as a meeting place. A great experience.”

Ari Rämö, SICK OY


Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable setting for an important celebration? Several memorable events for families and friends have been organised on the Boistö pilot island. We warm up the wonderful saunas and the hot tub and serve the island delicacies while you enjoy each other’s company! By request, we arrange a programme according to your individual wishes, such as a treasure hunt or a fishing contest. The recommended number of overnight guests is 5–30 persons. For day events, we can take on more guests.


  • The three meeting facilities on the island available to you throughout two business days

  • The facilities have WLAN, audio-visual equipment, flip chart, computer, pens and paper

  • Accommodation in single or double rooms

  • Transportation to and from the island

  • Refreshments included in the package

  • All meals:

    • Sweet and salty pastries and fruit in connection with meetings
    • Small snacks in connection with the sauna
    • Dinner à la Boistö. The dinner can be tailored to your preferences together with the guest host of the island.
    • Hearty breakfast à la Boistö
    • Lunch à la Boistö
  • The seaside sauna and the sauna in the Coast Guard House at your use in the evening

  • A one-hour guided tour of nature

By special arrangement, activities with our partners:

  • Charter trip on a vintage sailing ship

  • Windsurfing or stand-up paddling

  • Archery or outdoor games (slackline, mölkky)

  • Laughter yoga or acro yoga

  • Fishing

  • Guided cooking

  • Musician and/or stand-up comedian

  • Lectures and business training

A package for : 5-30 persons