We appreciate fresh ingredients of high quality that create unforgettable tastes. For the dinner table we have designed five different menus.  They include both delicacies from the local farms and fishermen and fresh imports from abroad.

We do not sell alcoholic beverages at Boistö. You can choose the beverages of your choice from the wide selection of Alko’s central warehouse:

We will be happy to help you choose beverages that are appropriate for your meal. We will pick up the beverages you order from Loviisa Alko, and we will serve them to you at your event.

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Dinner à la Uljas

Smoked reindeer soup, cheese sticks

Fried grated potato cakes, whitefish roe and smetana

Roasted chicken breast, Marsala sauce and mushroom risotto

Ginger pears and punch cream

Dinner à la Inkeri

Bisque with fish and saffron, toast

Fresh asparagus and Serrano ham

Roast lamb, thyme sauce and chorizo beans

Marinated cherries and melon, toffee sauce

Dinner à la Johan

Salted beef and Waldorf salad

Smoked fish and avocado toast

Roasted fillet of zander, leaf spinach sauce and parsnip-potato purée

Mudcake, fresh berries and traditional vanilla ice cream

Islander buffet à la Boistö

Starters: Raw spiced whitefish, cold-smoked salmon, warm-smoked salmon, selection of herring, whitefish roe with smetana, gubbröra, Caesar salad with chicken, roasted halloumi with fried tomato and capers, dill potatoes, bread and fresh butter

Main course: Roast lamb, red wine sauce and sweet potato with herbs

Dessert: Boistö pie with traditional vanilla ice cream, coffee

Grilled dinner at the seaside sauna

Skewered beef and lamb, chicken legs, roasted sausages, roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, chili-pineapple coleslaw, grilled halloumi, Caesar salad, warm-smoked salmon salad, baked potatoes, dips, baguette with herb spread.

Selection of cheeses, grapefruit and biscuits.