Three atmospheric buildings in local style are available to the customers: the Pilot House, the Coast Guard House and the Seaside Sauna. All the buildings on the pilot island have been renovated with environmentally friendly methods that respect tradition. The buildings are furnished with genuine sea antiques, the work of Finnish textile artists and award-winning underwater photographs.

The accompanying floor plans shows you how the buildings are located on the seven-hectare island.

The Pilot House is in a gorgeous spot on the island’s highest rock, where the visibility to the sea is best. In their time, the sea pilots monitored traffic around the clock from here.

The Coast Guard House is located near the harbour. It was an easy gateway for the guards leaving on watch or on emergencies. The Boathouse in the harbour housed rowboats and tools required to maintain the vessels.

The Seaside Sauna is the newest building on the island, although its handmade log frame is nearly a hundred years old. The building is a masterpiece of traditional construction that respects the nature and traditions of the island. It was finished in 2009. We made the sauna even more enjoyable in 2016 by building a hot tub on the terrace and a sturdy swimming pier on the beach.


The Pilot House offers a functional and dignified historical setting for all kinds of events. The oldest part of the house, the original pilot´s station, was finished in 1892. The cottage has an atmospheric fireplace and soft comfortable chairs. The building was later expanded. It was renovated throughout with methods that respect tradition and is now equipped with modern technology and conveniences. At the large tables in the Pilot House there is room for 30 dinner guests.

There are seven comfortably furnished double bedrooms in the Pilot House, two of which are suites. There is a gorgeous view to the sea from the rooms. Accommodation is available for 14 persons.

The main kitchen of the island, where the gourmet meals are prepared, is also located in the Pilot House.


The Coast Guard House was built in the 1950s, when a coast guard station was established on the island. The building has been renovated throughout into a functional and comfortable facility for meetings and accommodation.

The meeting room of the Coast Guard House offers comfortable space and modern technology for smaller meetings and larger training events. A group of 30 people will easily fit at the moveable tables.

There are seven bedrooms and 15 beds in the building. Downstairs there is a cozy room with a fireplace, a changing room, a sauna with a wooden/electric stove and showers for eight persons. The views open mainly to the harbour and the sea.


The tall and handsome Seaside Sauna built from logs is the newest jewel in Boistö. The handmade brick stove will guarantee an unforgettable sauna bath. The thousand kilograms of bricks take a long time to warm up, starting already on the day before. The sauna will still be warm on the morning after. There is room for 12 people at a time on the aspen benches. You can cool off in the sea or relax in the hot tub.

In the tall room with a fireplace, there are handmade tables for a group of up to 18 people to have a meeting or a meal.

There is an idyllic chamber for two people and beds for two in the fireplace room.


The sturdy pier built from logs will receive the guests arriving on the island.  The sheltered harbour is easy to reach even with a larger boat. There are two transportation boats on the island of Boistö. In summer, the sea voyage from Tallbacka pier in Loviisa to Boistö is made safely with Boistön Kulkuri, and in the winter with a genuine pilot boat, Boistön Kutteri.

Open your event with a toast in the picturesque Boathouse. In the summer, even a dance can be arranged on the pier and in the Boathouse.


The sheltered grilling spot on the island was already a favourite of the island’s earlier occupants: the coast guards and maritime rescuers. The seaside grill has been renovated into a comfortable picnic spot where snacks, lunches or evening meals can be made and served by the sea.